Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Teh Ais

I have an obsession with Teh Ais, i dont remember when it started. But it is an habit that i have each time i go to any of the Mamak Stall or restaurant. This drink is really awesome. I cannot find anything like it outside Malaysia. The funny think is even though it is a drink that can be easily replicable in other parts of the world. Somehow it does not taste right. I guess we must really ask our dear local Teh Ais maker on how to make it. I believe it has got something to do with how they brew the tea and the combination of Ice, thick sweetened condensed milk in warm water.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

to make yourself a good teh tarik follow this steps:

1. Boil the teh leaves for sometimes until you get a thick-red teh.

2. Put some condensed milk (no sugar - it will spoil the taste!)

3. Put just a lil bit of evaporated milk.

4. Then tarik the teh as normal.

yummy....taste even better then mamak stall.

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and of course ....ice......

3:28 PM  
Anonymous axleRock said...

apa barang.. nih saranan nih..
one of the best tea.. its a teh botol..(basically its jasmine flavour) make sure one should try this..,, 'only' available in indonesia ..

4:01 AM  

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